Airship Ventures provides aerial tours in their 246-foot long Zeppelin Eureka. I’ve been working with them from their inception, mostly illustrating promotional posters and postcards, but also involved in the logo design, pilot and crew pins, and uniform designs. It’s a fun contract.

Christmas Cards

Fidelity Investments is rightly proud of their Smithfield, Rhode Island campus. They’ve put great effort into preserving the native flora and fauna, using the trees, flowers and grass directly from the site. One day I saw a live forty foot tree rise from the ground. They were transplanting it to make room for new construction. The rare eastern mountain bluebird has found a home there and is featured in most of the Christmas cards illustrations I’ve made for them over the years.


Promotional material is the mainstay of my commercial work. Sometimes the images need to grab the viewers’ attention, but not distract them from the headlines. Other times they need to tell complex stories. You’ll find a bit of everything in this section.


Of Bears and Geese

Perryville is one of those lost-to-time villages that dot the Rhode Island map. No longer an official town, they manage to preserve their identity. It’s been my pleasure to help with their annual t-shirt. They are full of inside jokes … but are fun none-the-less.

Rob Walker Illustration