Game Design

Level Design

Unnamed Project (work in progress)

This game is a survival horror set in a sleepy New England college town. The initial map being constructed is a newly built physics building.

Tempest in the Aether (work in progress)

Tempest is an open source Steampunk game. I began the project with a colleague in 2010. It is under development by an international team of volunteers. I serve as creative and art director. Managing them is much like herding cats, but we enjoy a lively iterative design process.

Set in 1899, Tempest propels the Victorian Period from the Earth into the mysteries and dangers of the solar system.


PlaneShift is a free-to-play MMORGP set in a medieval fantasy world. I began there as volunteer texture artist. I later did a tour as art director.


Tempest in the Aether


Rob Walker Illustration